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Okay, I admit I am blatantly pinching this idea from @efficiencycoach, but it is such a good idea! I do give her total credit for it. Follow Friday is all well and good but I have really enjoyed reading why @efficiencycoach has recommended people. I can't promise to do mine every week as she does, but I will try and do this when I have someone I think is really worth following and tell you why.

Naturally @efficiencycoach is my first recommendation. Her tweets are always interesting and relevant, and some of them have really helped me. She always says thank you for her re-tweets and asks how you are, she is a working mum who has a great business, and I am really hoping I win that competition and can benefit from some of her business coaching.

My second recommendation is @Mad_Accountant an accountant with a sense of humour. I came across Ray on UK Business Labs forum, and from that first day he has been supportive of my business and my abilities. When others were telling me it couldn't be done he showed me all the reasons why it could and should be done. He is always wise with his words and free with his advice, and is definitely worth your follow.

My third and last recommendation for this post is @nikkipilkington. She is a social media guru. Nikki has grown an amazing business over the last few years, and if you want to know how to get your business noticed she is the lady. Be it Twitter, SEO, Google, article writing, blogging, then she is your lady. She has some fantastic advice available on her website, and her no nonsense approach to everything is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, her tweets about her interactions with French bureacracy never fail to make me laugh.

I will keep this short and sweet this week. I follow lots of interesting people but there isn't room enough here to list you all and why I follow you. I will try and follow @efficiencycoach example and share a few each week if I can.

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