My follow Friday recommendations for this week.

It’s been a busy and very fast moving week this week! But I still love being my own boss and learning how to run my own business (and learn from my mistakes)!

I do have to thank @efficiencycoach this week for her invaluable video coaching session. It was a really motivating call and left me buzzing. What started out as a simple coaching exercise saw me over the moon at being able to show her something she didn’t know about sharing your screen in Skype, and also led to me being invited to be interviewed in one of her upcoming teleseminars. I am honoured. It is all about tools and support for start ups and SME’s, and is to showcase the amount of information and resources that are available at little or no cost. How I wish I had known about all these things when I started out just a few months ago! It is going to be held in November so anyone interested in booking a place should contact @efficiencycoach for more information.

I will also be helping @efficiencycoach with some of her upcoming projects, am very very excited but sworn to secrecy, you will have to keep reading her newsletters to find out more! One area I can tell you about is a proposed series of teleseminars aimed at my fellow VA’s. Let us know what topics you would like to see covered as to me the list is nearly as long as a toilet roll!!

@maxinemaxxy I apologise profusely as I still owe you a phone call! @maxinemaxxy writes and shares some great articles about telemarketing that I find really useful, and is very kind and helpful. I suppose in a way she is my nemesis as she is a great telemarketer but I am an even greater gatekeeper!
The rest of my recommendations this week are for people who entertain me, cheer me up and make me laugh. We all need more of that in life.

@stevesteinman who is currently on tour with his band and Toyah Wilcox performing Vampires Rock, it’s a fantastic show and I cannot wait for it to come to York in a few weeks, our tickets were booked a year ago, as soon as we got home from the last one.

@mattchedit because however gloomy the day and early the hour he always has a warm greeting for me.

and finally but by no means least @rachaelblogs who I have sorely missed whilst she is on her jollies this week. It just isn’t the same without her. Her dazzling wit and blow by blow television commentaries brighten up any dull evening!


  1. Well thank you very much :)

    Rachael aka @rachaelblogs x

  2. Thank you very much for the kind mention - I always figure that I am grumpy enough in real life, therefore I should try to be digitally cheerful! ;)

    You've certainly cheered up a grey day for me, though - so thanks again!


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