Parents to be and new parents - up to £ 20,000 of free life cover!!

One of my Clients - The Advice Partnership - has sent me the following information and I wanted to share it with you all.  As they are a National company this is ideal for all of my readers, and as with anything if it is free, why not have a look.

Having a child is a key event in everyone’s life, but arranging life insurance does not always top the to-do list. We can arrange free life cover for new parents until their child’s first birthday, as long as the application is completed before the child is six months old. 
We can arrange £10,000 life cover for each parent who applies. For example, if both parents apply this could mean £20,000 of cover for each child (£40,000 for twins, £60,000 for triplets).
The Advice Partnership is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, more importantly we are parents ourselves. This gives us a perfect insight into the needs of new parents and their families.

Having a new baby is such a special time; we have found that one of the biggest concerns of any new parent is the future welfare of their child. There is so much to think about and so little time to do anything about it, life cover, children’s savings accounts, Child Trust Funds - where do you start! This is where The Advice Partnership is able to offer a helping hand.

We would like to offer a free, no obligation review to new parents.  

If this doesn't apply to you do you have any friends, family or colleagues that you could share this information with?  Why wouldn't you do it!!!

Just drop an email to and they will arrange a convenient appointment time for you.