I actually know something that @efficiencycoach doesn’t! (well she does now!)

All day I’ve been nervous about my planned video chat with @efficiencycoach.  She very kindly agreed to call me and chat through a blog problem I was having.  Needless to say I am now buzzing and cannot wait to get started on my plan!  It was a great video call and she is a marvellous coach!
I don’t do photos so you can imagine how I felt about video! I was frantically searching the office for a hair brush, regretting I hadn’t put on my face or my lippy, and was lamenting the lack of high heels (it’s a girly thing, they give me confidence!).
Anyway, we were chatting away, @efficiencycoach coaxing my issues from me and helping me come up with some very good solutions (makes you think you thought of it yourself when it was her coaching all along that got you there!).  We happened to discuss what a wonderful invention Skype is
I happened to say that until a few weeks ago I hadn’t really understood Skype, and it is only these past few weeks that I have really come to appreciate what a fantastic piece of software it really is.  The text conversations, audio calls, video calling and screen sharing.  It was at that point @efficiencycoach stopped me.  “Screen sharing? Not heard of that before”.
Could it be that I actually was able to show @efficiencycoach something in return?
Skype offers a great feature called screen sharing.  So what is it? You can only share a screen one way so you need to decide in advance who will place the call. The person who places the call can choose to share their screen with the other party. Just above the text box and to the right of the smiley face you will see the word share. Click on this once you are in the call and it offers you the option to share full screen or selection. Click on full screen. 
So why would you want to use it. Well I have been using it with the very nice man who is writing my database for me.  On one call he shared his screen with me so I could see how various functions worked, and on another I shared my screen with him whilst I used the system so he could talk me through it.  As they say on the advert – simples!  It really is that easy.
So off you go and have a good old play with Skype and see what a valuable business tool it really is.
And meanwhile I will go off and prepare for a teleseminar interview that @efficiencycoach has asked me to take part in. I am so honoured!!  It is all about tools and ideas for start up and small companies that cost little or no money.  It is to be held at 8pm on Wednesday 25th November and you should contact @efficiencycoach to book your place.  Her website address is: www.efficiencycoach.co.uk and I am sure she will have details on there soon, in the meantime contact her for more information.
I am now off to bask in the knowledge that I managed to teach a respected coach like @efficiencycoach something new today and to book my hair cut and make over for the teleseminar. (Okay I know you won’t be able to SEE me but it will  make me feel better!)


  1. really great blog post - chatty and friendly and VERY funny!

  2. Why thank you. Must be down to the great coaching I received today!!

  3. Excellent blog and thanks for sharing the Skype share function - a very useful tool indeed

  4. Well done Helen

    I'm pleased that you got to share something too and that you managed to make yourself presentable!

    I'm pleased that you've made the Skype screen sharing function work. It always crashes on me, so I use trusty old Teamviewer. It's a case of different strokes for different folks.

    It was good that you had a productive coaching call and that you taught an experienced person something new. It proves that we can still learn something new everyday, regardless of our perceived experience.

    Well done you!

  5. Hi Helen, Thanks for the comments and glad you like my telemarketing articles even if I am your nemesis! lol Let me know what stuff you are particularly interested in and I will try to write more. Oh and thanks for the Skype tip :)

  6. Bless you, Heather is lovely.
    Thanks for teaching me a bit about Skype as I've not used it.


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