My Twitter follow friday recommendations for Friday 30th October 2009

So who has educated me, helped me, entertained me or just made me smile this week then?

Well this week I would like to start with @kipfxdesign who has redesigned my Twitter background for me, and I love it. He has done several backgrounds just this week, and I believe some were for celebrities, so get in there and get yours ordered now, before he gets too famous!!

Next up, a repeat from a few weeks ago, @Elizabethwells, she is raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness this week, her raffle ends tomorrow so grab a ticket while you can from her facebook page . If you ever get to the Shambles in York do have a look at her beautiful lingerie shop, she also has an online service if any of you were looking for that something special for a loved one for Christmas.

Well, I guess you probably missed it because he hasn’t exactly shouted about it in every tweet he does (much) but @BradBurton launched his new book yesterday. I haven’t quite decided to buy it but think I probably will as his articles in Real Business always make great reading, and just look at the 4Networking set up, he obviously knows what he is talking about.

@ToniHunter has been a source of useful advice this week, and has made some very good suggestions for some natural health products which should help me through a mini bad spell, I know @efficiencycoach has recommended @ToniHunter for this before, so there you go, a double recommendation now.

@neilryder has some really great advice on his tweets, and together with @efficiencycoach they have formed a new networking group, Executive Village, more information can be found here on Heather's blog

@efficiencycoach is a very busy lady who has still found time to tweet me from her holidays and always asks how I am doing. She is interviewing me for her upcoming teleseminar details of which can be found here which is all about finding resources to save you money on your IT and Marketing costs in year 1 of your business.
@LawyerCoach has really made me laugh this week, some of her tweets about lawyers are just so funny, and definitely worth a mention.
@markbnorwich is a fairly new follow of mine but he has sent me some really good information, and always interacts, as well as having some really interesting tweets.

@SJABradley is a VA who has just launched her new business Help Ahoy and who has been of great assistance to me since we were introduced on Twitter. She often casts a critical eye over my Tuesday blogs for me, and has a great way with words and keeps me down to earth as well.

That said a shout out should go to the whole of the #VASG (VA Support Group), there are so many members I would probably miss someone out if I tried to list them, but if you are a VA do please get in touch with @DeeVAS or @emilyrobe and I am sure they will be happy to speak to you about the group. I think that the VA industry is one of the most supportive industries I have ever come across, VA’s have been in the media a lot this week, and by working together as we do it can only mean we can offer an even stronger service to our Clients. (That said I would like to point out that the majority of us don’t work in our pyjamas all day and that we are our own bosses! Whilst the media coverage is good it has got it a little wrong this week!)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks Helen, nice post.

    Don't worry, between us all on VASG we'll put right some of the misinformation about the Virtual Assistance industry.

    Have a great week (and weekend!) yourself.

  2. Excellent post again Helen, so good I stole the idea :p, great blog, in fact between you and Phoenix Health & Safety is the reason I had to get mine up, great stuff!

  3. Great blog post Helen. Thank you for mentioning VASG. It has been great to see lots of media coverage this week about VAs and thank you for re-iterating in your post that we are our OWN bosses!

    Your blog is coming along now and I look forward to your follow Friday recommendations. I look forward to next week :)


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