My Twitter follow friday recommendations for Friday 16th October 2009

This week I wanted to focus my follow Friday recommendations on people I have only recently started following.   Just because I am new to following them doesn’t detract in any way from their twittering, it just means I was a bit slow on the uptake!!

My first recommendation is @richard_white, The Accidental Salesman.  I found him through a competition, the answer to one of the questions was on his website, and whilst on there I thought he had a lot of interesting things to say, and have to say that this recent blog of his about how to increase rates without losing clients is superb and very relevant to so many people.

My next recommendation is for @sjabradley, a new member of the VA Support Group who was introduced to me by @emmawarren1.  Sarah has recently set up Help Ahoy, and is a Virtual Assistant like me.  We have only been chatting with each other for a short time but already she has been a great help to me and a great contributor to the support group.

Next up is @ElizabethWells from the same town as me, whose lingerie shop I have passed so often and yet not even realised it was there, and then found her on Twitter, just showing how small a world it really is out there.  @ElizabethWells is doing a lot to support Breast Cancer Awareness right now including a raffle and so forth.  She wrote a really great article this week especially for men wanting to buy their other half some special lingerie gifts . This is a lesson in saving tweets to favourites; it has taken me twenty minutes to find that link for you!!

Another example of not knowing what is right under your nose until you come across it on Twitter is @Jerry_Ibbotson.  Not only are we from the same town, we live in the same village and our daughters are in the same class!  However, it wasn’t until his latest book Chosen was recommended on Twitter that I found any of this out!! Of course you need the link to his website where you can buy the book as well, it is in Borders and Amazon (but I know Amazon is sold out) and in case you didn’t guess I really enjoyed this book. It’s one of those rare book where once I got going I really didn’t want to put it down and it took one hell of a lot of discipline for me not to pull an all nighter and finish it!  Instead I took some rare chill out time and read it in the bath. It’s a self published book so I know @Jerry_Ibbotson is looking for some help getting it promoted and mentioned, so if any of my lovely followers could assist I am sure it would help speed up the process of the second book he is writing which I am desperately waiting for!

Hope you have all had a great week, I know I have, and thanks to all my Twitter friends for their follows, DM’s, RT’s and messages.

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  1. Thanks for the #FF shout Helen - you're not so bad yourself! You've helped me enormously too so cheers!



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