Outsourcing - Guest Blog from Colin Fraser

Thanks to Colin Fraser from Maximum Attitude Business Coaching for this week's guest blog on Outsourcing.


I thought I’d base this blog on outsourcing. Something that in principle business owners talk about, but in the case of small business, owners rarely do it. Why is that?

Why do small business owners feel that their main niche is to offer that personal service, to be at the end of the phone when required? Does this not breakaway from why you run your own business?

Many owners will defend themselves by saying that the customer likes it, it keeps them loyal, but then they would because you’re giving more than what they’ve paid for.  The customer/client will know they can get more ‘bang for their buck’. They will push and push until you have to have the awkward conversation and say no more.  So make sure you pre-set exactly what the client will receive and what they won’t and also what you will receive for that service.

Back to the subject why outsource, in some way or another whether it being by using a accountant for more than just your books, or just going on forums either giving or seeking advice and information, we all outsource. Do you outsource for the right reasons and in the right way?

How many people spend there day not doing their actual job of being a business owner?

I used to work for a manufacturing company where the managers used to spend their time sourcing kit and materials rather than managing their team.  The reason for this was the person who was supposed to be finding the right kit wasn’t doing their job right.  Did he know what he was expected to do? , was it in his contract, was he ever asked  why he didn’t do it right , so he probably never knew or was he just playing the game. So what happens if this person doesn’t do his work, the next person in line has to pick up the pieces, but this means they won’t complete theirs, and so the trouble starts until it reaches the mangers, who end up doing someone elses role instead of there own.

For this reason owners are nervous about outsourcing and getting help, because they just don’t trust anyone to do it like they would. If clear roles and responabilities are laid down covering all aspects of the job, then there should be no reason for anyone to complain.  When outsourcing and recruiting, communication is key to make sure they know what is expected of them.

Outsourcing is critical for any business owner to do, it has to be controlled and monitored but needs to be done to ensure growth within any company.

Think what you could achieve if you weren’t doing these small admin jobs that could be done by others.

Weigh up the costs of outsourcing work against business growth you could achieve by concentrating your efforts on the future rather than last weeks pay role, plus don’t forget about the time saved to allow you to spend more time with family and friends, which is by far the most important thing in life.

 Outsource to maintain growth and balance in business and in your private life.

Colin Fraser

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  1. Good post Colin (and good Guest, Helen!) - and very true. Of course, I'm a little biased towards outsourcing, as we provide out-sourced development services!

    That said, we outsource ourselves - accountancy for a start, some other elements in the near future - because they are far out of whack with our core skill sets and the cost of maintaining some functions in-house is greater than the cost (in more ways than just the financial) of shipping them out.

    Outsourcing doesn't have to mean to a stranger, or to the other side of the world either - ideally neither of these would be the case!


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