Follow Friday Recommendations 12th February 2010

Firstly, apologies that the blog is so late today, but I have been very busy working with some of my great Clients and also spending some family time with small child and my other half.

So who would I like to recommend for follow friday this week...

I have so many great friends and people I follow on Twitter that this gets harder every week, the list could go on and on, but that's because so many great people interact with me on there.
You can always check out my lists on Twitter, they are a good indication, but this week I have decided to concentrate on people that have interacted with me this week.

@carolinewalsh2 came up with a great banking contact for me, who fits my requirements exactly, thank you, and I hope your networking event this morning was a success.

@efficiencycoach has been a great coach for me, and it's not all business you know (although she has transformed that), she makes sure you look after yourself as well, it's the whole package, it's kind of like when you are a kid and you have to think before you do something 'what would my Mum say?', well, before I do things now I think 'what would Heather say?', and because of that voice in my head I have taken better care of myself this past few weeks, and it is starting to have results. So yes, she could quite rightly say 'I told you so!' now. Thank you Heather.

@bradleyvast really made me laugh last week, and I love hearing about the projects he is involved in, it reminds me of the best bits of my old job.  He is the perfect tweeter, a bit of personal, some interaction and some business as well, and I am sure you won't be disappointed if you follow him.

@thedervman and @MandeeCA deserve an extra special mention, they are my lovely neighbours, and if Carlsberg made neighbours, it would be these two.  Dervman shares my love of gadgetry and geekiness and Mandee shares my love of crafting and scrapbooking, and for some reason they think small child is wonderful! We have had some great muddy walks, introducing them to the village, and Dervman has some interesting perspectives he likes to share with us.

@xingsmoothies deserve a mention, thanks to Twitter I have found loads of great people here in my home town, but Simon has done something I never thought possible and encouraged me into a healthy shop! Not only that, I look forward to my weekly visit and the 'Blueberry Hug' with anticipation. Only time will tell if he will ever get me to sample the wheatgrass, though he does seem to have made it his mission in life. I cannot say I am enamoured of the stuff after seeing him make it, the waste coming out of the machine looks like something you peel off the bottom of the lawn mower when you have finished cutting the grass. Tomorrow's visit should be rather interesting.They also do fantastic work with schools, teaching the kids about healthy options but also how to set up their own juice bars, teaching them vital business skills. How cool is that.

Special thanks have to go to @Studio4York for my new profile picture this week, he had very hard material to work with bless him, and has made me look very professional, but rest assured it's still good old Northern Lass underneath. And thanks to Jane from @confidentladies for the introduction.  I hope to be able to work with Rob again, he has a great portfolio covering everything from weddings to model shoots and commercial.

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