Follow Friday Recommendations February 19th 2010

This week’s follow Friday is a website @toptentips. They are on Twitter so it’s a proper follow Friday, however, it’s really the expertise that is published on the site that I am recommending.

You know when someone shows you a really great idea and you sit back and think I wish I had known that before? Well this site is full of really great ideas I am recommending. Each contributor can only write once, so you get all their experience in one solid feature.

And the best bit? It’s free. This is a site written by the experts in their own fields. They are sharing with you their personal top ten tips to help you start, grow and improve upon your business. It is a fabulous resource, and I really wish it had been there when I started out last year.

As some of my followers will know, I have a bit of a pet hate, it’s people or companies who take advantage of small and start up businesses and want to charge them for information and services that frankly they could have got elsewhere for free or actually isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

This site is such a breath of fresh air; it’s all about collaboration and that sharing of knowledge. And the contributors ask for nothing in return. As I said, they are experts in their field. There are already twenty features on there, with more to follow over the coming months. The next article to be released is all about Tendering, and is written by a member of the Institute of Directors who has been involved in bids with values ranging from several thousand pounds to tens of millions of pounds. I know a lot of small companies who will really benefit from this information.

I have been told by the site managers that they are currently accepting pre-registrations. It’s free to sign up, and your business will receive a free listing in the open directory that will be incorporated into the site. To me the best thing about registering is that they will email you the new features in advance of them being released, so you don’t have to miss out on any new releases.

There are some great features on there already, some of which are written by people I already follow and respect a lot. I look forward to following the other contributors and learning from them as well.

They have a hashtag on Twitter #TipOfTheDay

You know how I feel about sharing information and collaborating with each other, and this site fits right into my philosophy. So if you are in business and want some guidance or you just want to add to the project, follow @toptentips because it is all about collaboration for small business. And take a moment to read their Social Networking policy at the very bottom of the page. I think it’s a great description of Social Networking, not that I am a Twitter addict or anything! Oh yeah, forgot, I am!

The website can be found here:

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