No more box of receipts...

Last month I was introduced to Kay from Receipt Angel, who told me about a new service that they have launched.  I found it a really interesting concept but didn’t really give it my full attention as Christmas was around the corner.

Anyway, we got together on the phone this week and had a good chat and I wanted to share Receipt Angel with you, it’s a solution for clients like my “box of receipts” man, which if any of you have seen my tweets regarding that project, will understand.

I also thought it was particularly apt that I mentioned it at this time of year, as some people frantically try and submit their Self Assessment in time for the end of January deadline.

Now I know that not everyone is like “box of receipts” man, some of you don’t throw your receipts in a box or a carrier bag and expect them to magically sort themselves out at the last minute and turn into information you can use for your self assessment.  But you don’t have to be to benefit.

Receipt Angel has taken an age old problem and come up with a unique solution, I am not aware of another company offering this service in the UK at this time.

Using their special hand held scanner you scan your receipts, hit the send button and that’s it!  At the end of the month you get an email from them with links to download the neatly sorted images (which are accepted by the VAT man and HMRC as if they were the originals) and importantly everything you need for your accountant, or to fill in your VAT form.  They can even email the form straight to your accountant if you need. It’s so simple you can do it while you watch TV! 

The more I thought about it, the more uses I could think of.  For example how many sales consultants pile up receipts each month and need to submit expense claims? Do you really want to spend time finding them, writing it up, and filing it all?  Receipt Angel could do all this for you.

As you will have seen from my previous blogs I am always talking about keeping an eye on your expenses, not wasting money, and making the best use of your time.  This to me is a perfect solution for those people who don’t have the knowledge or even the inclination to do the task themselves; I mean how many of you out there really enjoy doing your books? I accept that I am an exception in actually enjoying it!  You may not want to employ a bookkeeper to do it for you, or be able to afford an accountant, this way you do it yourself. 

And because I am such a caring person I am going to give you a gift, a code that will allow you to save £99 on a 6 or 12 month subscription with Receipt Angel!  Just click here to visit their online store and remember to enter the code AngelHS to get your £99 discount. 

If you would like to read more information on their service it can be found here.

I would love to hear your comments on this and also for you to share your stories about “box of receipts” moments, and your ideas on who else can benefit from this service. Feel free to ask questions and if I can’t answer them I am sure the guys at Receipt Angel will jump in and do it for me.

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