Follow Friday Recommendations January 15th 2010

What a week this has been for me. It’s been so full of phone calls, Skype calls and Skype messages and emails.  They all revolve around people starting new ventures or new projects and wow is all I can say. There have been some great ideas in there, lots of opportunities for bringing people together and collaborating with each other to make their businesses better. I love it when things come together.  The future is looking bright and rosy so ignore the doom mongerers, 2010 is looking like a great year if you are prepared to put the hard work in as always.

I have to start my Follow Friday’s this week with an amazing company @ReceiptAngel, what a fantastic product they have released, I can’t believe no one has released something like this in the UK before.  Read my last blog for more information on this (and a discount code), but do please follow them, I think they are really a company that is going to be going places this year.

I have had some great chats on Twitter and email this past week with @paula6thlevel, @shoegalsedgwick, and @kevWr8

@izzibag has given me the inspiration I needed to try and get back in size 12 jeans J and she is jetting off to New York today for an awards ceremony, help me out here and vote for her please (please note that votes wont count if you don’t put a comment on them)

@emmawarren1 has joined us on our Twitter charity run/walk 2010 challenge this week, , please do join us if you can. It’s all about setting yourself a small challenge and raising money for charity at the same time, and yes, it can be a walking challenge if you like! (Full marks have to go to @elizabethwells who took the opportunity to try and sell us all sports bras!!)

I am starting to feel like I am part of a little gang on twitter as several of us seem to end up tweeting conversations between ourselves, amazing what you can do in 140 characters, especially considering the length of some of these twitter names! Love goes out to @maximattitude, @creditmandotnet @tweetsbyskeet @rsarchery @kipfxdesign and special love to @katieforshaw for that amazing snow angel picture (I still say it was a picture of her collapsed in a drunken state but she says it’s a snow angel so who am I to disagree). These guys brighten my days and bring a smile to my face.

My twitter week has been so full and amazing I don’t feel I can do justice to everyone.  I would like to mention some good causes that deserve a follow this week, and then apologise to everyone I haven’t mentioned.(You might well be on one of the lists I created this week though) @project65 @honourourforces and @kickcancer.  

I reached over 1000 followers this week and 8000 tweets. Both milestones I thought I would never see. So thank you to all my followers and to all the people who interact with me on Twitter. You rock!


  1. Thank you Helen for the mention, and thank you for helping @igglepiggle2 out as not normally on twitter, shes a facebook girl. looking forward to your newsletter and following you and your company grow and grow. just remember you need more than 5 hours sleep.

  2. You are a lovely lady and I wish you all the luck in the world to get your jeans. Go for it and loose that weight you know you can.You are worth it!

  3. I'm with you, 2010 is going to be great! Looking forward to future blog updates and chatting to you on Skype :)

  4. Keep blogging, but less of the mentions for the evil that is........ "walking" :-)

    Thank you for the mention and making us all feel like a little family of Twits.

  5. Well done good luck with the fitness challenge (hope the ankle holds up...or else you'll be the best hopper around!)
    Really love your tweets and blogs; keep it up!


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