My Follow Friday Recommendations 18th December 2009

This week I looked at who I had interacted with on Twitter, as I always do to see who I should select to mention in my blog, and I decided to try something different, especially as its Christmas next week.

H - @hlsbs (well it is Christmas after all, lol)

There are always so many wonderful people to select from on my Twitter feed, that it is hard to pick just a handful, apologies to those not shown on the list this week, but a huge thank you nonetheless.  You all make twitter such a positive place for me, be it making me laugh, offering advice, educating me, entertaining me, sharing your knowledge, ideas or thoughts. 

I would therefore like to take this opportunity of wishing all my followers, and all those I follow, a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year, and hope that your hopes for the new year come true.


  1. Awww, Thank you for including me in your #followfriday list :) Merry Christmas to you too :)


  2. That is so cool. Well done Helen. Thank you very much for the mention. Really creative. I love it.

    Merry Xmas

  3. Brilliant idea, Helen! :) Off to check out those I don't already follow..

  4. Thanks Helen, glad I made it to your special list.

    Merry Christmas!!!! And an amazing New Year awaits us all ;-) xxx

  5. Bummer Q for Quicklearn is so difficult in any line up but despite that happy Christmas to you cos I enjoy your tweets too

  6. Yes, the C in Christmas!! I've made it big time now... Thank you for your leadership in prompting me to get off my backside and start my blog this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and best of luck for 2010.


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