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File Synchronisation
I visited a Client the other week and was surprised to see that he was able to network his machines without the benefit of a server.  When looking into it further he was using Microsoft Office Live Sync.  The files on his computer were being synced in real time with three other machines in his office. 

All you need to do is download a small piece of software to your machine and create a Microsoft Office Live id.

Log into Office Live on the internet and add the folders you wish to share.  One piece of advice here is to share folders on an individual basis rather than one folder containing everything as you may find going forward you want different people to be able to have access to different files.

Once you have created the folders on Office Live you can add other users, this means that you can share your folders with colleagues or clients.  You can allow several people access to the files, and allow them different permissions.  There are options for view only, amend, and amend and change permissions.  If you grant someone ”amend and change permissions”  option then they can share files with other users.  It is important that you get this bit right, as you don’t want to allow everyone access to confidential files but may want to allow everyone access to particular files. This is all possible with Microsoft Office Live Sync.

Using this service I have access to this particular Clients files, because they are stored on my hard drive it is just like working on any other file on my pc, however, when I click save a few moments later the file is updated on the clients’ pc.  No more worrying about forwarding files by email back and forth or file sharing services.  It’s instant, and you really cannot tell the difference to working on a networked server.

You can use this to sync files between your desktop, laptop and netbook as well as with other users.

And best of all, this is a free service!  Microsoft also offer Live Mesh, another syncing service which I am currently trialling as well, but as I have only just started using it cant offer any feedback on the service yet.  It was recommended by someone via the comments on my blog about backing up your files.

I would love to hear how others use these services and what their opinions are on them.

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  1. Good information Helen. Have to say as a non technical person this actual sounds like a system that could be of some use.. I'm now off to take a look at the system.


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