To blog or not to blog?

Okay, I am a relative new comer to blogging.  I confess that I received some one on one coaching from @efficiencycoach  which gave me a little confidence, and helped me focus on my blog more, however, I don’t claim to be an expert at it.  I just feel slightly more comfortable with it than I used to.
So why should I blog? Well as much as I like twitter it isn’t always easy to get your idea across in those 140 characters.  To me, my blog should be an extension of my website. It will be soon when I move blogging platforms.   It’s a tool for sharing my ideas, my knowledge, my experience, my recommendations and my opinions with my audience.   I would also like to think that it was a tool for two way communication as well.  The blogs I have posted that have received comments really make it worthwhile, and reading the comments that have been posted is  a great way of seeing things from someone else’s perspective, or reinforcing what I already believe.
I don’t always want it to be deadly serious; I would like to think that an injection of humour is allowable, when appropriate.  After all, I am a northern lass!
And, I am sorry, I make no apologies for expressing my opinions in my blog, after all it is my blog, but I will listen to what you have to say, consider it, and still go off and do what I want anyway J
I would love it if my blog inspired someone else, perhaps to try something new themselves, to follow someone new on Twitter, or to consider an alternative opinion.
But most of all, I would like to think that people will enjoy reading what I have written, that it will add value to someone’s day in some shape or form.  
So I look forward to your comments, to seeing you post your own blogs, to interacting with you on yet another virtual level.
And in the meantime… I hope you have a great day!


  1. It's your blog, talk about any subject that interests you and I am sure others will also find it interesting.

    I for one will hold my hand up and say that your blog has forced me to think about things a little differently and get my own blog up to scratch.

  2. I think you're dead on the money, to be honest - I view business/corporate blogs as a chance to inject some personality into the face the business presents to those it interacts with (whatever level that interaction takes place on).

    Ours is a chance for us to post non-technical articles and to air our opinions on general (typically business related) topics. :)

    Looking forward to reading your future blogs!


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