I won the Efficiency Coach!

It's not a traditional follow friday blog this week as its all dedicated to one person!

You may have heard that I recently won a fantastic prize for my business which includes coaching and support and services from several renowned experts in their field.

Well since I entered the competition I have been joking with Heather, the Efficiency Coach that I wanted to win her. I am not sure she was as thrilled at the thought of being “won” as I was with the idea of “winning” her, however, many a happy tweet has been had on Twitter over the subject.

I received the email announcing I was the grand prize winner and tweeted poor Heather straight away. We arranged a Skype video chat the following afternoon.

I confess to being rather disappointed that she wasn’t bedecked in red ribbons and gift wrap as any real prize should be, but then again, I had hardly made an effort for her either! She did comment that my office seemed rather dark on this occasion, (I was working by the light of my table lamp) and of course I replied that bright light would only show up all my lines and creases and the bags under my eyes! I think she was a tad disappointed that I hadn’t run round finding my lipstick, hairbrush and heels this time in honour of our video chat, but hey, it was our second chat and like a second date, it didn’t require the effort that had gone into the first one! (Only joking – rest assured I will make more effort for our future Skype calls!).

I had already had a “taster” session with Heather last month, knowing how much I wanted to win her she kindly got in touch and gave me some of her time to see if it would be of benefit to me. We had a brief chat about the subject in question before having a much broader chat about how we could work together on an upcoming project (more on that in a moment), and it is amazing how much difference just that brief chat has had on my business.

Was it a painful experience being coached? Not at all! Heather asked me some simple questions which made me focus my attention, it actually felt more like I had come up with the answers myself, but I think that is the sign of a good coach. She knew which questions to ask.

I came away from that meeting feeling much better about the subject in question and got straight on with making the changes we had discussed. The effect was unbelievable.

I believe that between that video chat with Heather and some subsequent tweets with each other on Twitter I can say I have seen a massive improvement in my business. I am pretty sure that most of those improvements would never have happened without her influence, so huge thanks go to her. Just think what our future coaching sessions will lead to!

Anyway, back to that other project we discussed in our video call. Heather is holding a teleseminar at 8.00pm on Wednesday 25th November, and she is going to interview little old me! The subject of this seminar is how start up businesses can save money on their IT and marketing costs in their first year, though I suspect that it will also be of value to other small businesses as well.

More information can be found on Heather’s website


  1. Very interesting and thought provoking article about the value of coaching.

    I think you have got it entirely right that a good coach helps you come up with the answers that are already within you.

  2. And you've won me too! We need to make contact. Time for me to turn on Skype :-)


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